100% Decentralized Matrix

Welcome to our community! Our decentralized marketing is powered by revolutionary Ethereum smart contract and it is fully open to be view on public network. Our project promotes zero risk, instant transaction, immutable and transparent.

Fair Commission Payout

Simultaneous entry into platform one of the X3 and X4 matrices occurs automatically upon registration. Only requires 0.2 ETH to start your investment journey!

How it works

Connect Your Wallet

When working with Ethereum, we recommend using trust wallet / Im token application for mobile devices and Metamask browser extension for computers and laptops.

Register Account

Get a referral code or use the default. To register with Ethereum, you need to send 0.2 ETH to a smart contract to activate the X3 and X4 platforms. The fact of the transaction will be your registration on the platform.


The platforms are designed in such a way that all participants in the system help each other. Passive income is possible, by inviting even one new active person to your team, you can already earn money and achieve your goals.

Ready For Dequest?